Bromine is a nonmetallic chemical element classified under halogen elements. It is highly toxic and extremely reactive, requiring proper precautions when handled. At room temperature, bromine is a thick, reddish brown liquid. The substance is found naturally in bromides, or compounds of bromine, which are ex­tracted from salt lakes, seawater and underground brine wells. Elemental bromine is produced by extract­ing the bromine ion from natural brine. 
We use chlorine for the extraction process and sulfur or soda to absorb the elemental bromine. This production method is simple, with bromine extraction rates reaching 70-80%. The process can also be completed in a closed system, imposing minimal strain on the environment. 

Elemental bromine is mainly used to manufacture flame retardants, pharmaceuticals, paper, dyes, insect repellents, drilling fluids, perfumes, photographic chemicals, water-treatment chemicals, and sanitizers. Bromine is also a key component of other chemicals. 

Crude salt is basic material in the chemical industry. It is the principal material in alkali production as well as chlorine alkali production and is widely used in the manufacturing and national defense industries.

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