Our major business is the production of bromine and crude salt. Four of our factories are currently in operation. Another 3 factories are awaiting approval from the government.
We sell a substantial portion of our bromine and crude salt products to the industry customers located in Shandong province. Historically, we have also sold bromine products to our chemical subsidiary, SYCI. 

Our chemical products subsidiary has traditionally supplied products for pharmaceuticals, oil and gas exploration and papermaking industries throughout China. We were forced to close our chemical factories for environmental reasons and are now completing a new chemical factory. We are installing equipment and will begin test, trial and then full production as soon as possible.

Our natural gas and brine facilities in Daying County of Sichuan Province are also temporarily closed while the province completes its environmental plans. We have discovered high levels of natural gas and brine in Sichuan. We believe we will receive approval to reopen our facilities as soon as the province establishes its environmental rules. 

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